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IVF Ultrasound

Hysterosonogram - Uterine Ultrasound for IVF Treatments

I am trying to get the ultrasound done and am a little confused on what the saline ultrasound is. Is it a hysterosonogram? I talked to an imaging place and they said I would also need a pelvic ultrasound along with the hysterosonogram, does that sound right to you?


Where to Buy Lupron

Lupron Shortage & Where to Buy Lupron Online at Good Price

Several of our patients have recently told us that their local pharmacies were out of stock with Lupron. There appears to be a nationwide shortage of Lupron.

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Donor Egg Program IVF Medications

List of IVF Medications for Donor Egg Program

Our reproductive endocrinologists will write you a prescription with all the dosages. If you choose to be monitored by an ObGyn in your home town the first 11 days of your IVF cycle, we will need your local ObGyn doctor's office to write an identical prescription so that you can fill your prescription in the U.S.

Here is a list of IVF meds and the dosages that you will need for the first 12 days of your donor egg IVF cycle:

IVF With Donor Egg Testing

The Complete List of Tests Required for IVF with Donor Egg

Before our fertility doctors create your IVF Calendar and you undergo your IVF with egg donor treatments, you and your spouse will need to provide us with the results for what's called IVF precycle tests. The list of tests for the egg donor cycle is remarkably similar to that for the IVF cycle using own eggs. There are, however, a few differences. Since donor egg recipients are not being stimulated, you will not need to test for FSH, LH.

IVF with Donor Egg

When to start your IVF meds with egg donor IVF

On my med's calendar you created for me it says to start the Lupron tomorrow, which was the estimated day my period was to start (after I stopped the birth control pill). If my period doesn't happen to start tomorrow (on the estimated Cycle Day 1), should I wait to start the Lupron when it does start and will that negatively affect the rest of the cycle schedule?


How to Have a Baby Girl?

How to have a girl or a boy?

Stressed out women are more likely to give birth to girls. A recent UK study has found that the higher the level of cortisol (stress hormone) a woman has, the less likely she is to have a son. For now, there’s no explanation as to why women with higher cortisol levels were more likely to have girls than boys. But if you really want a baby girl, maybe stressing yourself out is worth a shot?

Antabuse Implants

Help To Stop Drinking and Alcohol Craving with Antabuse Implants

Before our doctors can determine whether you are a good candidate for Antabuse (disulfiram) implants, they will need to see the entire list of medications that you are taking. Our medical doctors will want to make sure there are no counterindications for Antabuse.

Ob Gyn and Infertility

Using ObGyn for Infertility Treatments

Baby Aspirin During Fertility Treatments

Estrogen Pills & Baby Aspirin During Your IVF Treatments

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