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Complications from Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

Is it normal to have some fluid buildup after a tummy tuck? Is it one of the side effects of my tummy tuck?

Brazilian Butt Lift Review

Testimonial from Patient Who Had Her Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Dear MedVacation,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all you did to ensure that I had a successful surgery. From the moment I contacted you in March, you did everything in your power to create an experience that was just right for me. Your team took the time to answer every question and put my mind at ease.

Testing Male Infertility

Quarter of all men have a genetic change which makes them less fertile.

Medical scientists discovered that nearly a quarter of all men have a genetic change which makes them less fertile than usual. Sperm lacking in the substance find it harder to travel towards the egg. Men with the altered gene can still get their partner pregnant, but it may take longer than usual. This discovery may open a door to new types of testing to identify couples who might need fertility treatment.

Thin Uterine Lining

What can I do to improve my thin endometrium?

How to Get Pregnant Without Fallopian Tubes?

How to get pregnant with blocked or without fallopian tubes?


After Embryo Transfer

Is spotting normal after IVF? What are instructions after embryo transfer?

You will be able to travel home two days after the embryo transfer. Our work does not end here though. You will leave our clinic with post-transfer medications and instructions for the next 12 weeks. We recommend you also purchase your medications from our clinics’ pharmacies because there the same IVF drugs cost half as much as they do in the U.S.

IVF Success Rates and Pregnancy

Age of the woman, how many eggs she produced, quality of the resultant embryo and past success or failure with IVF could predict the chances of pregnancy.

Fertility doctors are on a constant look-out for ways to reduce multiple pregnancies while still maintaining the success rates of the IVF cycle. Here is an interesting article from Europe that talks about factors affecting success rates of IVF treatments.

IVF with Donor Egg Menstrual Cycle Sync

Syncing Egg Donor's and Recipient’s Menstrual Cycles

I am having an egg donor cycle. Can you please give me a brief explanation of what happens once my egg donor and I go off the birth control? Also, what happens if the recipient starts her menses first? What if my donor starts her menses first?


Causes of Male Infertility

Cell Phone May Lower Sperm Quality

There is a number of factors affecting the quality of male’s sperm. For example, use of tobacco and excessive use of alcohol are known to reduce the quality of sperm. In addition, many environmental factors may affect the quality of your swimmers. Recent studies show that cell phone emit radiation that may have an impact on one’s sperm quality and motility.

Egg Donor Cycles Success Rates and Blood Types

Can you tell me if the blood type may affect my choice of egg donor and the success rates of my donor egg IVF cycle?

egg-donor-agencyFirst, our egg donor IVF clinics test every potential donor for sickle cell anaemia before admitting them into the egg donor program. If the prospective donor is positive, or not positive but is a carrier, we do not use these donors, as a sick child can result from these donors.

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