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MedVacation to Speak on the Topic of Infertility

MedVacation is to speak on the topic of fertility at Denver Wellness Fair

We are excited to inform you that MedVacation has been selected as one of the speakers for the Denver Wellness Fair. Do you have questions pertaining to fertility? Do you want to learn about exciting new developments and techniques in the field of reproductive medicine? Come and join us!

The details about the fair and the schedule are below.

We hope to see you there!


Denver Wellness Fair
for Mind, Body & Spirit

Woman to Receive Uterus Transplant

Until now, the only option available to women without uterus was surrogacy.

1 n 5,000 women are born without uterus. Until now, women whose wombs are missing, dysfunctional or were cancerous and had to be removed had to resort to surrogacy, if they wished to have children. But this is about to change, as doctors are developing new surgical techniques.


Woman to Receive Uterus Transplant From Mom. Will It Work?

MedVacation On Radio Show Talking about IVF Abroad

Straight Talk on Fertility Tourism and IVF Treatments Abroad

Domestic Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism Companies Offering Medical Procedures to Self-Insured Companies and Small Employers

Massive Shortage of MDs by 2020

Great article about future shortage of doctors in the U.S.

This is definitely a major concern for this country. Even today, some times it takes over a month to get in with a specialist. We can only imagine how long it may take in 5-7 years, given current trends and dynamics.

Fat Injections In Buttocks with Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

Fat Injections into Buttocks to Make It More Shapely

UK Fertility Clinics Overcharge IVF Patients Who Want to Store Frozen Embryos

Interesting article from the U.K. talking about IVF clinics in that country overcharging their patients

IVF clinics MedVacation works with can transfer more than 2 embryos per cycle, depending on patient's situation. We will rarely transfer more than 2 embryos during patient's first IVF cycle. MedVacation IVF doctors do not advocate multiple births and transfer as few embryos as possible to minimize those cases. The cost of preparing embryos for cryopreservation and storing those for the first year is $800.

Cosmetic Surgery Insurance

What type of insurance is included in your cosmetic surgery procedures in case of complications?

On the Brazilian Buttocks Lift, MedVacation gives a guarantee that we will pay for another procedure with a surgeon of your choice. In fact, all of our cosmetic procedures come with insurance coverage. Some of our clients have actually opted out of the insurance coverage to save additional money.

IVF in the World

Fun Facts and Trivia About IVF Treatments Outside the US

Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery in Costa Rica

Cost of Knee Replacement with U.S. Accredited Hospitals Overseas

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