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IVF Refund

What happens if none of the donor eggs makes it to the blastocyst stage and there are no suitable embryos for transfer?

Hysterosonogram for IVF

Sonohysterography for IVF Patients with No Menstrual Period

I completed all of my precycle tests. I took my last birth control pill on Sunday hoping to have a menstrual flow today for the test to be completed. Nothing as of yet. What if I don't start? What would the fertility doctors recommend to patients who don't have menstrual periods? Can you please let me know how I should go about the ultrasound exam and the day of the month I should have it done?

Assisted Reproductive Technology

The First 12 to 14 Days of Your IVF Protocol, Called the Follicular Phase, Will Require at Least 10 Days of Medications

IVF Abroad

Understanding Conception and IVF

On MedVacation’s website, you state that IVF treatments with your fertility clinics abroad take, on average, 18 days, if the patient starts her treatments with your clinic on Cycle Day 1. How come this is shorter than in the States? Where I live, clinics average 37 days from start to implantation (3 day on birth control, 5-10 days on Lupron, ultra sound, stimulation med 9-13 days, 1.5 later egg retrieval, 3-5 day transfer = 37 days).


Slow Follicle Growth

Follicular Growth in IVF

Some IVF patients may need more than 10 days of IVF medications due to slower response by ovaries.

HMG in IVF Protocol with Local OBGYN Monitoring Stimulation

What kind of HMG should my local OBGYN administer while monitoring my stimulation for the first seven days?

If you start IVF treatments with your local OBGYN doctor, your monitoring doctor will prescribe your IVF medication based on the IVF protocol developed by our overseas fertility specialists. Most IVF protocols call for use of HMG. In our IVF clinics, we use Menace as HMG. If you cannot get Menapur from your local pharmacy, it is fine to use Repronex or any other HMG.

Embryo Transfer With PGD

When do you transfer embryos with IVF cycles with PDG?

PGD transfer typically happens on Day 5 after egg retrieval. Here is how the process works. The embryo is biopsied on Day 3. On that day, a single cell is removed from the embryo(s). It normally takes 48 hours to have a result for the biopsied embryo. Sometime, it can only take 24 hours for get results and if the embryo is dividing rapidly, than the transfer would take place on Day 4.

Overstimulation (OHSS) With IVF is Preventable

I am concerned about ovarian hyperstimulation and traveling with OHSS. What are my chances of being overstimulated by my local OBGYN and can OHSS be avoided?

Ukrainian Woman Gives Birth at 66

Chances of Getting Pregnant after 40 Using Own Eggs Diminish; Ability to Carry a Child Full Term Remains High for Many

Post Embryo Transfer Instructions for IVF

Are There Any Special Post Embryo Transfer Instructions Your Fertility Doctors Recommend?


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