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IVF Timing

I want to proceed with my IVF treatments with my next month menses, but it may not work for us, because my husband can only travel the last week of the month. Can doctors do something to match the dates we need?

The answer to this question is YES! There are a couple of ways to control the date of your egg retrieval. The easiest way to control your retrieval date is probably by way of using birth control pills (OCP). Depending on where you are in your monthly cycle, or if you are currently on birth control pills, we can plan your IVF cycle around your desired dates.

IVF Vacation

Review of Our IVF Patient Who Traveled Abroad for an Egg Donor Cycle

Well, we have done everything we came to do and then some more! We are "resting" these last days before heading home.

The trip has been everything you said it would be and more! We very much like it. Here we are, hot and humid on pier 18 and ready for a boat tour. And then touching the wall of the canal, which our tour guide assured us that once done we will be married forever!

IVF Success Stories

IVF Success Story Shared by One of MedVacation Clients Who Traveled Abroad for Their Fertility Treatments

We are a couple from Miami, Florida. I am 39, and my wife is 43 years old. My wife has 2 kids from her previous marriage and I never had any kids. We got married 6 years ago and since then she has been trying to give me the gift of a child. At the time we both had an understanding of the problem, but the thought of never becoming a father grew stronger each day.

Free Fertility Medication

Low Income Families May Qualify for Free IVF Meds

Healthcare Tourism

Medical Tourism in US

February 21 Update from Rebecca

Brief update on the progress Rebecca is making with her IVF treatments overseas:

"We are all done. Two doctors did the procedure this morning. Both were very nice! One of them even drove us back to the hotel so we didn't have to take a cab. They explained the whole procedure (embryo transfer), as it went along.

Surrogacy in India

International Surrogacy in the News

IVF Experience

IVF Story Shared by Our Patient on A Radio Show in Florida

How Many Implants for a Full Upper Denture?

Depending on Your Jawbone and Type of Denture, Upper Denture May Require Between 3 and 6 Dental Implants

Pregnancy After Cancer

IVF Protocol with an Egg Donor Backup

becoming-pregnant-after-cancerInteresting article about getting pregnant after cancer. There are some pregnancy contraindications and a few of them are mentioned at the end of the article. Our IVF clinics also require a note from patient's oncologist before commencing IVF treatments.

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