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How Long Does It Take To Do CCS?

How many extra days will I need to stay with your international IVF clinics for Comprehensive Chromosome Screening test?

After introduction of the Comprehensive Chromosome Screening, a number of you contacted us with the question about the length of stay for this new IVF procedure. Patients planning to have CCS, should add additional five days to their vacation.

Microsort for Gender Selection

Accuracy of MicroSort for Gender Selection

Medical Tourism Thrives in Europe

Europe Makes Cross-Border 'Health Tourism' Easier

Below is an interesting article about European governments integrating medical tourism into their countries' health care systems. For many reasons, European Union is ahead of the U.S. in term of adoption of medical tourism. For instance, EU countries have been running public health care systems for decades now. Although free health care has its own advantages, one of the problems which many of those countries have is a long wait for critical medical treatments such as cancer treatments.

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Can PGD Cause Birth Defects?

PGD Has No Effect on Fetus Development

If you are wondering whether PGD can cause birth defects, we can assure you that PGD does not affect fetus development at all. Babies born after PGD are just as healthy as those born without the test.

The risk of accidental damage to an embryo during removal of the cells is very low, around half of a percent. If the embryo is damaged, it will simply stop developing and our doctors won't use it for later transfers.

IVF with Your Own Egg Donor

Can I Have My Own Egg Donor With Your IVF Clinic?

The answer to this question is YES! You may have a sister or a friend, who is willing to be the egg donor. We understand that having your own egg donor will allow you to save a few thousand dollars in IVF expenses. Essentially, you will be paying for an IVF cycle (around $9,199), as if you were using your own eggs. Moreover, knowing your egg donor personally may give you a peace of mind.

Press Release for CCS Used in IVF Treatments

MedVacation Offers Comprehensive Chromosome Screening

Adds Ground Breaking IVF Technique to Its IVF Service Offering

MedVacation in 5280 Magazine

MedVacation Featured by Denver’s Premier Magazine

Outside the Network
How medical tourism is making once prohibitively expensive medical procedures more affordable.

By: Luc Hatlestad
Issue: January 2011 Health
5280 Magazine

PGD Screening

I have a strong family history of breast cancer – 2 sisters, and paternal grandmother. Therefore, I would like to have a PGD test done in order to select male embryos.

Ovarian Reserve Testing

The List of Three Ovarian Reserve Tests To Determine Whether You Need Egg Donor

All Porcelain Crowns for Dental Implants

I heard about Zirconia and E.Max porcelain crowns. Can you tell me the difference between those two?

In earlier days, all crowns were made out of metal structures and ceramic material on top of these metal structures. All of us met people with poorly made crowns that showed metal or darker areas at the base of the crown. In order to overcome this problem, later dentists began to use zirconia-based restorations. Strong, white zirconia enables us to create crowns and bridges which are whiter and brighter, as well as possess more translucent natural quality.

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