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Irregular Menstruation Fertility

Can I have IVF Treatments, if I have Irregular Menstrual Cycles?

Yes, our fertility clinics can start IVF treatments by inducing one's menstrual cycle, even if the patient has irregular menstrual cycles or no menstruation at all. Since it is not quite normal to have no period, our doctors would first take a look at your case and examine your medical history.

Poor Responder IVF

If You Had a Miscarriage after Your IVF Treatments, You May Be a Candidate for Split Cycle

College Egg Donors

Egg Donor Programs Offering College Educated Donors

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients interested in MedVacation’s egg donor program is the question about educational background of our egg donors. If you are not looking for a donor with a rare phenotype and are relatively flexible on the country, our overseas IVF clinics should be able to offer you a donor with a college degree.

Below is a sample list of egg donors and their characteristics.

Blood Type / Age / Children / Height, cm / Weight, kg / Eyes / Hair / Face / Nose / Education

Dental Implants Dentures Brochure

Dental Implants Dentures Information

Permanent_Dental_Bridge_costFor your convenience, we offer a downloadable brochure that contains information about our dental implants dentures packages. The brochure contains information about the process, low cost pricing, and acrylic denture vs. fixed bridge options.

Fat Transfer in Breast

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Injections

FOXBusiness Article Featuring MedVacation

MedVacation and its Founder Were Featured in an Article about Medical Tourism

Recently our company and its founder were featured in an article about Medical Tourism. The article can be found at the following FOXBusiness website.

For your convenience we also include the text of the article below.


Medical tourism: 5 surgeries worth a trip
By Christina Couch •
August 11, 2010

Antibiotic-Resistant Strain of Bacteria Found in India

MedVacation Clients Are Not Affected

We would like to make it clear to everyone considering treatments with MedVacation. MedVacation neither works with clinics in India nor sends its clients to that region.

Travel for Surgery May Help Spread New Superbug

Antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria found in patients who underwent procedures in India, researchers say

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 11 (HealthDay News) -- A gene that makes bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics has appeared in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, researchers have found.

Escrow Account Management for Surrogacy Abroad

Escrow Account for International Surrogacy and IVF Treatments

Shipping Embryos

MedVacation Launches New In-Vitro Fertilizaion Service

Offers Overseas Delivery of Embryos to Local IVF Clinics in the U.S.

Premier medical tourism services provider MedVacation LLC now offers service that allows its clients to use MedVacation partner clinic’s egg donors and client’s sperm to create a couple’s own embryos. The embryos are then delivered to a client’s local IVF clinic in the U.S. for embryo transfer.

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