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Tooth Extraction Cost in Costa Rica

How Much Does It Cost To Pull a Tooth Before Doing Dental Implant?

Antabuse Implants for Alcohol Treatments

Low Cost Alcohol Treatment Using Antabuse Implants

Dental Tourism in Mexico

CNNMoney Article About Dental Tourism In Mexico

Without a doubt, high quality dental work is available outside the U.S. In fact, this is how we started our company. The only advice that we would offer to folks considering dental treatments in Mexico is make sure you travel to a safe place. We don't have to tell anybody about safety issues related to drug wars in the bordering states in Mexico.

For cut-rate dental care, head to Mexico
By Eilene Zimmerman, contributing writer

Brazilian Butt Lift With Cosmetic Surgeons Abroad

What is Brazilian Butt Lift and How Much Does This Plastic Surgery Procedure Cost?

Insurance for Medical Treatments Overseas

Insurance, FSA and HSA for Medical Procedures Abroad

A number of our clients asked us whether MedVacation would take insurance from their insurance companies. The answer to this question is “it depends!” We will happily provide you with the information that we currently have about insurance companies. Moreover, we would like to mention some other tools like Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) that you can use to pay for your medical treatments outside the U.S.

Extracting Teeth Prior To Putting Dental Implants In

Extracting Teeth & Waiting Before Putting Dental Implants In

We were recently asked whether it would be OK for a patient to extract teeth here in the US prior to her trip to our dental clinic in Costa Rica. That is, the patient wanted to extract her teeth, wait a few days, and then travel to our dental clinic later to put implants in. Our doctors do not recommend this type of arrangements.

U.S. Scores Dead Last in Healthcare Study

U.S. Health Care System Does Not Fair Well When Compared to Health Care Systems in Other Countries

Here is an interesting article about the quality of our health care in comparison to systems in six other countries. In this article, the author uses six developed nations. Nevertheless, based on the report produced by the UN, the health care system in the US is ranked lower than those of Costa Rica and Colombia.


U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor

Surrogate Agencyes in India

One more reason to work with medical tourism agencies which have partnership with IVF clinics in countries with favorable laws.

India's Rent-a-Womb Industry Faces New Restrictions

By HILLARY BRENHOUSE Hillary Brenhouse – Sat Jun 5, 6:50 pm ET

IVF over 40

I am over 40, but otherwise in good health. Do fertility clinics offer IVF treatments to women over 40?

Donor Embryo

Embryo Adoption Cost

Yes, our IVF clinics abroad do offer such services. We do have frozen embryos left for embryo adoption purposes that we can offer individuals who are interested in such services. Information on embryo donors can be provided upon request.

All inclusive donor embryo program is $7,000. This price does include frozen embryo transfers, flights, hotel stay for three nights, and airport transfers.

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