Tubal Ligation Reversal

Fertility Doctors Don't Recommend Reversing Tied Tubes (Tubal Ligation) and Getting Pregnant After That

reversing_tied_tubesWe often receive inquiries about reversing tied tubes and getting pregnant after that. Our fertility doctors recommend IVF treatments, if you had tubal ligation and are thinking about getting pregnant. You may have heard this already from doctors in the U.S. or from research you’ve done. Getting pregnant a traditional way after reversing tubal ligation may be a dangerous endeavor.

First, our infertility doctors say that reversing tide tubes is typically not an effective procedure. Moreover, even if the reversing tubal ligation procedure is done, chances of having tubal pregnancy (situation when the fertilized egg implants itself outside uterus) are very high for that patient. That is the reason why doctors recommend to have IVF in this case.

In summary, because of high chances of having ectopic pregnancy our doctors would recommend ovulation induction and egg retrieval without reversing tubal ligation.

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