How Many Implants for a Full Bottom Denture?

Depending on the Condition of Your Jawbone and Type of Denture, You May Need Between Two and Six Implants

Ball_Attachments_DenturesThere are two major factors that will affect the number of dental implants you will need for your denture. First, the density and the condition of the jawbone will have an effect on the quantity of implants that our dental surgeons will place in the jaw. If you have already been a user of conventional acrylic dentures (without implants) for some time, or if you have been missing your teeth for a while, the bone may have deteriorated and you may require bone grafting done prior to implanting your dental implants.

The second factor that will influence the quantity of dental implants is whether you wish to have a conventional acrylic denture or use a porcelain bridge instead. The porcelain fixed bridge is an alternative to the acrylic denture. It is more expensive because of larger number of implants required, as well as the material used in and higher number of hours required for fabrication of this type of denture. However, esthetically, the porcelain bridge looks more natural. In addition, it is also more comfortable than the acrylic option. While our Acrylic Denture Packages start at $10,999, MedVacation’s all inclusive denture package for porcelain bridge is priced at around $14,599. A comparable porcelain denture in the United States will cost over $30,000. With these two major factors influencing the quantity of implants required, let’s discuss how many implants one may need for the bottom denture.

porcelain_dentures_fixedIf you choose to have an acrylic denture and if your jawbone is in a good condition, you may need only two implants for the bottom acrylic denture. As discussed earlier, a denture made out of porcelain will require a larger number of implants to support it. Consequently, you may require a minimum of five implants and a maximum of six, depending on the condition of the bone. In case you are curious about how many implants one may need for the upper jaw, here is an answer to that question. The number of implants may range from three to eight. Since the upper jawbone is not as dense as the lower one, upper dentures will require larger number of implants.

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