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Testimonial from Patient Who Had Her Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Dear MedVacation,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all you did to ensure that I had a successful surgery. From the moment I contacted you in March, you did everything in your power to create an experience that was just right for me. Your team took the time to answer every question and put my mind at ease.

I have to be honest; originally I was planning to commit to another company. After sharing that information with Taras, he began to do everything in his power to meet my needs and answer any/all of my concerns. As soon as I contacted you, you became an advocate for me. MedVacation followed up with me daily and served as a liaison between me and my future plastic surgeon. I had a true sense of comfort with you. I knew that you had my best interest in mind and for that reason; I decided to book my surgery with MedVacation. That was the best decision I could have made.

Although I made my decision months before my surgery, you made it a point to contact me on a regular basis with tips, reminders, and words of comfort. When I left for Mexico, I knew that you were right by my side, ready to answer questions or guide me on the local culture. I’m not the easiest person to please and at times I can be a worry wart and a little OCD, but I have to admit…you did an awesome job! MedVacation not only met my expectations, you all exceeded them!

best-plastic-surgeons-mexicoIn the beginning, I was skeptical about choosing a surgeon outside of the US, but MedVacation did an excellent job reassuring me of my surgeon’s qualifications. I received pictures of prior work and the facility. Trust me, I had tons and questions and lots of doubt, but both MedVacation and the surgeons helped me each step of the way. After being able to Skype with the doctor, I was able to put a little of my fear to the side.

As soon as I arrived in Mexico, my plastic surgeon had everything arranged. My lab technician met me at my hotel and shortly thereafter, my doctor picked me up to have x-rays complete and to see the cardiologist. I cannot tell you how assuring it was to have your surgeon take time out to chauffeur you around town! From this point, I definitely knew that I was in good hands. On the day of surgery, I arrived at the clinic and was greeted by my surgeon. He did his markings and assured me that I was going to be ok. Words cannot express how nervous I was, but the surgical team was amazing! They all had great bedside manners and did their best to put me at ease.

It was a long day and I’m sure the surgeon was exhausted after the surgery; he took time to speak with my husband and said that he would return the next morning. Later that night, I heard someone come to my door, I turned to look and to my surprise it was my plastic surgeon. He said he was just stopping in to check on me. How nice? He’s worked over 10 hours on my surgery, went away and had dinner, and decided to come back and check on me! My next few days of recovery consisted of constant communication with the surgeon and my contact person at MedVacation. Both of them were there to check on me every step of the way!

When I left Mexico, I was very pleased with my outcome for two main reasons. One, my body looked so amazing! My surgeon cleaned up each and every spot. He gave me a figure that I could not even imagine. Lastly, I knew that I had two great people that had my best interest in mind. The whole team was committed to my happiness. I knew that I had made the right decision!

I arrived home and continued my recovery grateful for MedVacation and its commitment to me. I am four weeks out and MedVacation still checks in with me. They are there to listen to the results of my follow-up visits. I think people at MedVacation remember my appointments better than me! The plastic surgeon here in the states who conduct my follow-ups compliments the work by my plastic surgeon in Mexico every time I go in. I am very proud of my new body and I love the fact that a surgeon who has been practicing over 25 years here in the US, takes time to stand in awe over my body!!

This was the best decision that I could have made! I am thankful to MedVacation and their surgeon!

JJ from Dallas, TX
July, 2011


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