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Medical Tourism Client Process

Steps Our Customer Will Take

A typical MedVacation client will follow a 20 step process.

  1. Initial telephone conversation with MedVacation consultant to discuss medical procedure needs.
  2. MedVacation consultant contacts medical facility to discuss requested procedure.
  3. Consultant contacts potential patient with a price quote, additional information on the procedure and time for a consultation with the doctor.
  4. Client confirms the time for consultation and subsequently receives instructions.
  5. Client signs medical release form.
  6. Client gathers and forwards any relevant medical records to his/her new doctor’s office.
  7. Client speaks with the doctor who assesses the medical condition and designs a tentative treatment plan.
  8. Doctor contacts MedVacation consultant to discuss the treatment(s) and to confirm pricing.
  9. MedVacation arranges for the client to sign all legal forms associated with treatments.
  10. MedVacation consultant arranges the dates for the treatment and travel that suit both the client and the medical facility.
  11. The client makes payment for the procedure(s) and for all other travel related services.
  12. Client is instructed to contact the travel agent to book flights, hotel, arrange for a visa if required and for any tourist activities.
  13. Client travels to treatment destination.
  14. Client is picked up from the airport to travel to his/her hotel.
  15. Client is picked up to meet with his/her doctor to go over the treatment.
  16. Client undergoes the scheduled treatment.
  17. Client recuperates and has a follow-up visit with the doctor.
  18. Client is dropped off at the airport to return to the U.S.
  19. MedVacation Consultant follows up with the client to ensure that everything went well and according to the agreement.
  20. If necessary, the client visits his/her local primary care physician to ensure proper recuperation.

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