Shared Risk IVF Programs and Multiple IVF Cycles

Shared Risk IVF and Other Less Expensive IVF Alternative

Periodically, we receive questions about Shared Risk IVF programs offered by U.S. clinics. Those programs typically costs in excess of $30,000 in the U.S., and offer a refund for patients who don’t get pregnant after 6 (3 Fresh and 3 Frozen) cycles. Keep in mind that TYPICALLY shared risk IVF with donor egg programs do not offer 100 percent refund. We’ve been told by our clients, in the event all 6 cycles are unsuccessful, the patient receives a refund in the amount of 16,000 dollars, less egg donor fees. In addition, the $30K fee must be paid up front, making these shared risk IVF packages unaffordable for many IVF patients.

MedVacation offers much cheaper alternatives and typically recommends a one cycle program with cryopreservation of left over embryos. For IVF patients using their own eggs, these packages start at $8,999 and essentially offer a 2 Cycle Package with a small embryo transfer paid, if the first cycle is unsuccessful. This type of packages is less expensive than our 2 Cycle (Own Eggs) Programs starting at $10,899. Our clinics also offer 2 Cycles IVF Programs with donor eggs. Two cycle egg donor packages start at $14,399.

The 1 Cycle with Cryopreservation Package is the most affordable option and the best value, in our opinion. With the 2 Cycle Program, if you get pregnant the first time, you will not be able to receive any refund for your 2nd "unused" cycle. Also, with the 2 cycle package, if you choose to use those saved embryos at a later date, you will need to pay an additional $2,500 fee for your Frozen Embryo Transfer. Those are the stipulations set forth by our clinics. If you purchase one cycle with cryopreservation, you basically have an option to have a Frozen Embryo Transfer (after paying a fee of $2,500), if your first cycle doesn't work. Basically, you purchase an option (embryo cryopreservation for $900) and thus don't pay for our services unless you need them.

Let me answer some other common questions that we receive from prospective clients considering multiple IVF cycles.

shared-risk-ivf-freeze-embryos"If we were to do a 2-3 IVF cycle package, that seems to sort of imply that the first cycle always fails..."
No, it does not mean that the first cycle always fails. We always strive to get our clients pregnant on the first try. However, as you have experienced with your IUI cycle, IVF treatments are not always successful. We are dealing with immensely complex human body and there are always so many variables.

Think about the 2-3 Cycle IVF programs as an insurance of some sort. You are paying for 2-3 cycles in case your first one is not successful.

"But what if the first cycle does work?"
Lauren, just like with insurance premiums, if we are successful in getting you pregnant the first time, and we certainly hope we will be, our clinics will not refund fees for the second or the third cycle. That’s why we recommend you go the cryopreservation route (one cycle with cryopreservation).

"Also, we know for sure if we had leftover embryos, we would want them frozen, no matter what. Is that an option?"
Absolutely! Those are your eggs/embryos and you can instruct our clinic to cryopreserve them.

If you purchase an IVF cycle with cryopreservation, the fee for preparing your embryos and storing them for the first year is $900. The storage fee after the first year is $500 per year.

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