All Porcelain Crowns for Dental Implants

I heard about Zirconia and E.Max porcelain crowns. Can you tell me the difference between those two?

In earlier days, all crowns were made out of metal structures and ceramic material on top of these metal structures. All of us met people with poorly made crowns that showed metal or darker areas at the base of the crown. In order to overcome this problem, later dentists began to use zirconia-based restorations. Strong, white zirconia enables us to create crowns and bridges which are whiter and brighter, as well as possess more translucent natural quality.

One of the problems with zirconia porcelain crowns is that the white structure can show through the porcelain. Essentially, just like metal can show through porcelain, so can zirconia. The challenge is to keep the white from showing through the ceramic. E.Max crowns or bridges are made out of solid, homogeneous piece of porcelain block. Therefore, the shade you see on the outside of the crown or bridge is the same shade that you see on the inside of the restoration. There is neither a dark metal substructure to block out nor white zirconia structure to mask. E.Max crowns and bridges possess optical properties that are quite advantageous and extremely esthetic.

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