IVF with Donor Egg Menstrual Cycle Sync

Syncing Egg Donor's and Recipient’s Menstrual Cycles

I am having an egg donor cycle. Can you please give me a brief explanation of what happens once my egg donor and I go off the birth control? Also, what happens if the recipient starts her menses first? What if my donor starts her menses first?

First, we would like start by saying that we will create a detailed IVF protocol, or IVF calendar, for both of you. The egg donor and the recipient should always start as planned on their calendars and follow the protocols. Your protocol will be adjusted by our doctors, if any of you starts her menses on a different day.

Egg-donation-fertility-clinicThe first part of your egg donor cycle involves syncing the egg donor's cycle and the intended parent's cycle using birth control pills. Birth control pills are used to ensure that the donor's eggs are retrieved when recipient’s lining is ready for the embryo transfer. While the egg donor is going through her stimulation process, the intended embryo recipient will be taking hormones, Estradiol, to prepare her uterus for receipt of the embryos.

Your calendars will contain instructions for you and for your egg donor to stop birth control pills on the same day. Once both of you stop birth control pills, theoretically, your donor and you should start your menstrual cycles on the same day. Both of you should start your own meds on the same day, Cycle Day 1. However, that does not always happen. There is no reason to be concerned about the outcome of your IVF cycle, if any of you start your menses a little late or a few days early. There are always ways our fertility doctors can manipulate the endometrium lining to prepare it for receipt of the embryos.

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