Baby Aspirin During Fertility Treatments

Estrogen Pills & Baby Aspirin During Your IVF Treatments

ivf-doctors-fertility-clinics-mexicoIf you choose to start your IVF treatments with a local OBGYN doctor, your local monitoring doctor will prescribe your medication based on the IVF protocol crated by our RE. We’ve been recently contacted by an OBGYN doctor who is monitoring one of our IVF patients in the United States. He expressed a concern about her estrogen pills, after he had reviewed patient’s IVF protocol shared by our reproductive endocrinologist. The monitoring OBGYN was concerned about the increased chances of blood clots associated with Estrace 2mg pills.

A standard IVF protocol for an egg donor recipient calls for Estrace 2mg pill twice a day starting cycle day one. Moreover, our doctors may also increase your Estrace dose to three times a day after the embryo transfer. Estrogen pills indeed raise women's risk of blood clots, especially in older patients. This information is disclosed by the manufacturer of Estrace pills. Estrogen is a critical part of your IVF treatments and is responsible for preparing the endometrial lining of your uterus for implantation of transferred embryos. Before our IVF doctors prescribe the dose, they review your medical history and the results of your precycle lab work. We will also monitor you through ultrasounds and blood work and adjust your medications as needed.

To prevent blood clots, you can also take baby aspirin during your IVF treatments. Taking baby aspirin is common, as this over the counter drug is also known to reduce miscarriage risks. Our fertility specialists will need a list of all the medications that you take, as well as all the medical diagnosis you have.

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