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Embryo Adoption Cost

Yes, our IVF clinics abroad do offer such services. We do have frozen embryos left for embryo adoption purposes that we can offer individuals who are interested in such services. Information on embryo donors can be provided upon request.

All inclusive donor embryo program is $7,000. This price does include frozen embryo transfers, flights, hotel stay for three nights, and airport transfers.

Here is some additional information about embryo adoption. Although there are many frozen embryos left from previous successful cycles, many of those embryos remain frozen because legally they belong to couples for whom those embryos were created in the first place. Therefore, there is only a limited number of embryos available for adoption. As you can imagine, the major advantage of embryo adoption program is its cost. Typically, the cost of a frozen embryo cycle using donated embryos is lower than that of a cycle using an egg donor. The limitations of cycles using donated embryos are lack of flexibility in choosing donors and availability of embryos.

Since many donor embryos donated by couples who used their own genetic material (e.g. female patient's eggs, spouse's sperm, etc.), often prospective parents are unable to view pictures of the donors. We had a case when a single woman effectively canceled her IVF cycle and payment was not collected. Since this patient used an egg donor and a sperm donor, we were able to offer the resulted in embryos to another couple. The pictures of egg donor and of the sperm donor were available. However, this type of cases are extremely rare. The wait can be an issue also. Since MedVacation's all inclusive egg donor cycles cost $10,799, often our clients choose to work with their own donors selected from our list.

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