Hope After Failed IVF Cycle

Successful IVF Treatments After Failed Attempts

I was age 35, when I got married in September of 2006. Both my husband and I tried to have a child for 7 years, before I found MedVacation. I had a total of five pregnancies with all accompanied by miscarriages. I tried everything, including the fertility shots and acupuncture. On top of that, I was going broke, because we all know how expensive fertility treatment and medication are. Finally my doctor in the United States told me that it is hopeless for me. He didn't know what my issue was and he told me he could no longer treat me. I was told I should consider the adaption route.

Hope-After-Failed-IVFI was heartbroken and didn’t know what else to do. I didn't know what could possibly be wrong, because the results of every test I did were perfect with the exception of my endometrial lining. My endometrium got thinner after so many tries. However, that was not a problem at all, since with medication it was getting good numbers in line with what fertility doctors recommend.

I can’t remember how I found MedVacation. I was just browsing online looking for any hope, when I came across their website. I called them. Taras gave me a lot of hope and was very spirited. But I also had my doubt, because I didn’t know much about overseas treatment. If doctors in the US couldn't help me, how could anyone overseas help me?

What was so different about MedVacation? They inspired hope! Everyone from MedVacation personnel to the doctors in Panama never lost their hopes for me. They were kind and understanding. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, who succeed on their first try. I was successful on my forth try. It was never easy. But I remember after my third failed cycle my IVF doctor in Panama telling me: "don’t worry, we will get you your baby." When I was ready to give up, both these doctors gave me hope. They tried new types of IVF procedures after every failed cycle. They both believed in their work and also made me believe that I would get pregnant.

In August of 2014, I delivered a beautiful baby girl. And I could never thank them enough for the joy they brought to my life. Just believe in them and they will make it happen for you.

Patient from Twin Cities, Minnesota

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