How to Get Pregnant Without Fallopian Tubes?

How to get pregnant with blocked or without fallopian tubes?

I am over 40 years old and have both of my fallopian tubes removed earlier in my life. I still have my ovaries. I would like to get pregnant using my eggs. I’ve been doing basal calendar. It seems I ovulate on 19th day of my cycle which starts (by my symptoms) on the 22 or 4 days after the full moon. I don’t have a typical menstrual cycle. As far as my symptoms go, I have tightness and mild pain in the areas where my ovaries are during certain time of the month. These pains are like a clock work. Are those signs of a certain part of my monthly cycle? Can I still get pregnant without fallopian tubes?

There are two distinct issues here. First, there is a question of whether the patient can get pregnant without having fallopian tubes. And there is also the issue concerning one’s ability to get pregnant using own eggs after the age of 40.

The answer to the first question is, yes, patients with blocked or no fallopian tubes can become pregnant by way of IVF. As far as the pain she feels like clock work, it may be patient’s ovulation. The patient will need to check with a kit 10 to 12 days after she “starts” her period and maybe a little longer, as some women ovulate up to day 15 of their cycle. Although patients without fallopian tubes typically still have menstrual flow, they could not get naturally pregnant without a help from IVF. In the natural conception process, the egg gets fertilized as it passes through the fallopian tube during the time of ovulation. This cannot happen in women who have blocked tubes or don't have them at all. In short, our fertility doctors can perform IVF on patients without fallopian tubes and these patients can become pregnant.

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Blocked-Fallopian-Tubes-Pregnant-sIn order to answer the second question pertaining to the use of own eggs at the age of 40, the patient will need to do some additional testing to measure her ovarian reserve. There are three tests that measure one’s ovarian reserve. These three tests will tell your fertility doctor a great deal about whether you have eggs and shed some light on whether your eggs are in good condition and can be used with your IVF treatments. These tests are Antral Follicle Count (ultrasound test), Day 3 FSH test, and AMH level test.

Since this particular patient does not have menstrual flow, the trick is to determine the right dates for these tests. The patient can test her FSH and other hormones any time during the first three days of her period, on Cycle Day 1 through Cycle Day 3. She will also need to schedule her Antral Follicle Count test (AFC) the same time, Cycle Day 1 through Cycle Day 3.

Please keep in mind that your chances of using your own eggs diminish greatly after the age of 40. Even though the patient may have a great FSH and may be producing good quality eggs in her 40’s, there is a very low expectation for success. Nevertheless, if the results of your ovarian reserve tests show reasonable numbers, we are willing to work with your eggs, as long as you agree to PGD test. PDG test is done in order to avoid such genetic disorders as Down Syndrome.

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