After Embryo Transfer

Is spotting normal after IVF? What are instructions after embryo transfer?

You will be able to travel home two days after the embryo transfer. Our work does not end here though. You will leave our clinic with post-transfer medications and instructions for the next 12 weeks. We recommend you also purchase your medications from our clinics’ pharmacies because there the same IVF drugs cost half as much as they do in the U.S.

Upon your return to your home town, you will need to schedule an appointment with either a perinatologist or an Ob doctor. MedVacation fertility doctors will continue monitoring you and work very closely with your local doctor for at least 12 weeks after your embryo transfer. They will also be available for a free consultation any time after that.

Post-IVF-Transfer-Instructions-tipsBefore you leave our clinic, our IVF doctors will tell you when to schedule your next progesterone and estradial tests. You will also need to do the Beta HCG test to confirm your pregnancy. Let us know the Beta HCG levels. Your local doctor will need to repeat the Beta HCG test several days later to ensure that the levels are rising. At the same time, you will need to set up a prenatal visit.

We are often asked the question whether it is normal to be spotting after IVF. Spotting is common in early pregnancy. Therefore, there is no reason to panic! There is not much you can do other than take it easy and stay on all your post transfer medications (e.g. progesterone) and vitamins. Our IVF doctors recommend staying off your feet. As we stated earlier, make sure you make an appointment with your Ob as soon as you can. Lastly, do not insert anything vaginal until your first ultrasound and try to get a lot of rest.

The injections you will give yourself after the embryo transfer do sometimes cause welts to occur. You did not do anything wrong. It is not uncommon for the injection sites to become sore and bruise some time. We heard from patients that the best thing to do is to apply warm compressions like a heating pad 15 minutes before the shot and 15 minutes after it.

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