Surrogate Mother With Donor Egg Program Screening

Requirements for Surrogate Mother Who is Also Egg Donor

The future surrogate mothers and egg donors undergo a very thorough screening by our overseas IVF clinics prior to being admitted into our international surrogacy programs. In order to qualify, gestational carrier candidates must successfully pass the following tests:

  • Cytogenetic screening (karyotyping)
  • Evaluation by geneticist
  • Evaluation by psychiatrist
  • Evaluation by gynecologist
  • General practitioner’s examination
  • HIV, hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis
  • Analysis for cytomegalovirus
  • Biochemical blood examination
  • Coagulogram
  • Clinical urine analysis
  • ECG
  • Fluorography
  • Test for genital herpes
  • Test for gonorrhea
  • Graim Stain Smear (Urogenital flora)
  • Smear for Chlamydia
  • Smear for micoplasma
  • Smear for ureaplasma
  • Smear for cytology

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