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I am over 40, but otherwise in good health. Do fertility clinics offer IVF treatments to women over 40?

IVF-over-40Yes, our fertility clinics do offer IVF treatments for women over 40. As an example, in 2010, one of our clinics had a successful IVF performed on a woman over 55. Our patient gave birth at age 56. We also had a patient in 2012, who had a successful IVF cycle at age 53. Those are rare cases and the clinic will make a determination whether the patient is fit for an IVF cycle and child bearing. Prior to commencing your IVF treatments with our fertility clinic, you will have to provide us with the results of your physical and a note from your doctor stating that there is no counterindication for you to have a baby. All cases are decided on case by cases basis.

Patients between ages 40 and 42 may be good candidates for so called Embryo Banking. Essentially, it is 2-3 IVF cycles combined with one CGH testing. In order for an older patient to produce 10-12 viable for testing eggs, our RE will perform 2-3 stimulations. Each time we retrieve patient's eggs, the biopsy (removal of several cells out of growing embryo) is done on the day 5/6 embryos. The embryos are immediately frozen, and the biopsies are held until the next cycle is done. When 2 or 3 cycles have been completed (with all the embyros still on ice) CGH testing is done on the biopsies all together. That way only one set of CGH testing needs to be done. The ultimate goal is to identify through CGH testing 2-3 defect-free embryos with highest chances of implantation.

Typically, women older than 43 must have an egg donor. To determine whether you need a donor egg, our RE will order a few tests, to measure your so called ovarian reserve. Although these tests are not perfect, they will tell a great deal whether you have eggs and shed some light on whether your eggs are in good condition and can be used with your IVF treatments.

Our IVF with donor eggs packages start at $10,799 and include donor testing, donor compensation, all medical fees, airfare for two and hotel accommodations.

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