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IVF Story Shared by Our Patient on A Radio Show in Florida

We recognize that our clients’ IVF journeys can be very emotional and highly personal. That’s why we immensely value your experience when you trust us with your fertility treatments, as well as take great pride serving you. At MedVacation, we all feel that the biggest praise our clients can offer us is their success stories shared with others. One of our clients, who is currently undergoing IVF treatments abroad, is sharing her experiences on a radio show. If you are looking for an affordable, world class IVF clinic, we encourage you to tune in this coming Sunday. The first episode aired February 13th and we will be sharing the recording of that episode on YouTube in the near future. Tomorrow, Rebecca will be sharing her IVF story, as it continues to unfold.

The name of the radio show is Live On the Air with Dr. Mitch. The host of this show, Dr. Mitchell Ghen, is a physician who holds a Master’s Degree in Biomechanical Trauma and has a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Psychoneuroimmunology. Dr. Mitch’s vast academic knowledge, coupled with his entertaining delivery, makes him one of the most sought after personalities in his field. The show is available to you free, live every Sunday on WFTL for three hours, 1pm to 4pm Eastern Standard Time. To listen to the show visit



Rebecca is scheduled to dial in through Skype on Sunday, February 20th around 2 PM EST. She is also planning to be back in the studio on February 27th.

ivf-success-storiesHere is a brief summary of what has transpired so far. During the first episode, Rebecca and Dr. Mitch spoke about why they had chosen MedVacation. Rebecca also mentioned criteria which she applied during the research stage prior to embarking on her IVF journey with our fertility clinic. On February 16th, our fertility doctors performed the egg retrieval and fertilization. We retrieved 12 eggs and fertilized all of them. The following morning our doctor informed Rebecca that 8 eggs fertilized and they all looked good. We were not to disturb embryos until today (three days later). This morning the embryologists were to evaluate the embryos and decide on when to transfer the embryos. Depending on the quality of embryos, our clinic performs Day 3 embryo transfer or Day 5 blastocyst transfer.

This morning, our IVF doctors informed Rebecca that we had 6 gorgeous 8 cell Grade A embryos. The other two are Grade B and somewhat fragmented and smaller. Since Rebecca has 6 good quality embryos, the decision was made to do Day 5 Blastocyst Transfer Monday morning. Rebecca changed her return flight and will now be traveling two days later. She is not disappointed, however, because blastocyst transfers typically have higher embryo implantation rates.

Tune in tomorrow and again on February 27th to hear about Rebecca’s IVF experience. We hope you can join us in rooting for Rebecca and her husband. It is our sincere hope that with a little help from our IVF clinic, they will soon become proud parents!

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