IVF Timing

I want to proceed with my IVF treatments with my next month menses, but it may not work for us, because my husband can only travel the last week of the month. Can doctors do something to match the dates we need?

The answer to this question is YES! There are a couple of ways to control the date of your egg retrieval. The easiest way to control your retrieval date is probably by way of using birth control pills (OCP). Depending on where you are in your monthly cycle, or if you are currently on birth control pills, we can plan your IVF cycle around your desired dates.

Alternatively, our IVF doctors may put you on Lupron. In order to match the dates you need when using this approach, you will await your period so we could put you on a long dose of Lupron.

When does the patient need to start her Lupron treatment? When menses start or after they are done?
The Lupron will be initiated upon the arrival of the first day of patient’s menses and it will continue until the day of HCG, which is two days prior to the egg retrieval.

Can the patient administer Lupron herself or will she need to go to the doctor's office? Is it a pill or is it a shot?

First, the patient must get a prescription for Lupron. This will require a trip to your local OBGYN office. Our IVF doctors will contact your OBGYN’s office and provide your local doctor with all the instructions and doses. Lupon is a liquid medication that is injected subcutaneously in the abdomen. You can do Lupron injections yourself.

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