Correct Dose of Lupron When Starting Your IVF Treatments in US

Which strength or dose of Lupron do I need my local OBGYN to prescribe for me, if I start my IVF cycle with a local OBGYN clinic?

My old Lupron rx for a previous IVF cycle with a local IVF clinic in the United States was for 20mcg/.1 I took it BID last time. I understand you would like me to take it only once per day, 10 units, from a 5ml bottle. Which strength or dose of Lupron do I need my local OBGYN to prescribe for me? In US, pharmacy makes it in 20mcg/.1 or 40mcg/.1.

You will need the 14 day kit, not the microdose. Once you get your period you need to have an ultrasound done to confirm that your endometrial lining looks normal and you don't have cysts growing. On the first day of your period you will need to start taking orally Estrace 2mg two times a day and Lurpon 5ml, 10 units daily via subcutaneously. Once we have your period start date as well as that of your donor, we will make you a calendar.

Depending on whether you are having an IVF cycle using your own eggs or donor eggs, we will require you to travel on either the eighth or the eleventh day of your IVF cycle, so that our reproductive endocrinologist could see you the following day. Follow the link to learn more about the Length of Stay Abroad during your IVF Vacation.

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