Medical Travel Escort for International Travel

I also would like to know, if I could have someone accompany me on my medical trip?

medical-escort-accompany-meThe answer to this question is YES. We have selected and visited countries to which you may have already traveled or would like to visit. MedVacation offers a limited number of destinations, and most of the procedures are in destinations requiring flights no longer than 5-6 hours. These countries are exotic, historic, and great vacation destinations. Incidentally, our destination countries rank low in terms of risks on the World Fact Book published by CIA. Nevertheless, we can certainly make arrangements for somebody to accompany you during your medical trip, if you none of your family members or friends are willing to travel with you and you are apprehensive about traveling by yourself.

Adding a medical tourism escort to your package will effectively increase the total cost of your trip. For example, to have somebody accompany you on your plastic surgery trip to Mexico will increase your total cost by around $1,500. This fee covers an airfare, hotel stay, food (per diem) and a few other minor expenses (e.g. airport parking) that the person who accompanies you will incur during his trip.

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