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IVF Success Story Shared by One of MedVacation Clients Who Traveled Abroad for Their Fertility Treatments

We are a couple from Miami, Florida. I am 39, and my wife is 43 years old. My wife has 2 kids from her previous marriage and I never had any kids. We got married 6 years ago and since then she has been trying to give me the gift of a child. At the time we both had an understanding of the problem, but the thought of never becoming a father grew stronger each day.

One day, my wife was surfing the net, when she found MedVacation. My wife clicked on the page and saw how easy it was to get a second opinion. Furthermore, we filled out a questionnaire and forwarded it to one of the associates at MedVacation. To our amazement, one day later, we got a response from one of the doctors herself. After that we started the communication with our future fertility doctor. Through an exchange of emails and a few telephone calls, we discussed all available to us options and decided on our treatments.

Six month later we were on our way to the gorgeous country of Panama. The clinic looked exactly how we saw it the pictures and the videos available on MedVacation’s website. When we arrived at the clinic, everybody had a smile and was very friendly. We knew then that we had definitely made the right decision. At the clinic we were making conversation to a women sitting next to us who had also flown in from Miami, for the same reason as my wife and I. Hours later as soon as my wife and I went to see our reproductive endocrinologist for our first consultation our nervousness simply left us. If you had an opportunity to talk to people at MedVacation, you probably know how knowledgeable and helpful they are. We felt like we knew them all so well and also felt like, as if they were our best friends. I appreciated their speedy responses and being available any time we needed them. This whole experience gave us hope and something to look forward too.

Here is the good news, we are pregnant and I am going to be a father!!!

Fernando (Miami, Fl)


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