Pros and Cons of Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants with Dental Clinics in Costa Rica

You may have heard about mini implants. Mini implants have been used since 70’s. Without doubt, they can be a great option for some dental patients who need implants. The most important advantage of mini implants is they allow immediate loading. That is, your dentists may put an implant in and load a permanent crown on top of it the same day. A word of caution. In the hands of poorly trained dentists and inexperienced dental surgeons mini implants can do more harm than good.

Our dental surgeons in Costa Rica offer mini implants and have placed many of them over the years. Nevertheless, not every patient is a good candidate for mini implants. It is not that we don’t want you to come home with a new beautiful smile. It’s that improperly placed mini implants will have a higher failure rate or may cause damage to your nerves supplying feelings to the lower teeth and lips.

Mini implants have several advantages. First, as discussed above, mini implants can be loaded immediately. Because of that, you may only need one trip to your dentist’s office. Placing mini implants is a less traumatic procedure. Unlike regular implant that typically requires a surgery, a mini implant requires a less invasive procedure. Consequently, the implant site heals much faster. Second, mini implants are less expensive than traditional implants. The cost of mini implant is generally one third of that of a regular rootform implant.

mini_dental_implants_costa_ricaMini implants also have limitations. First, mini implants cannot be placed in the jaw where there is bone loss or not enough vertical bone. If the patient has been without teeth for a long time, there may be bone loss that will preclude our dental surgeons from using mini implants. In other words, there may not be enough bone to support your mini implants. Second, some patients may not have enough vertical bone because of the proximity of the maxillary sinuses or the mandibular canal. The sinuses may be quite large in some people, and they may extend too far forward to allow placement of mini implants. The mandibular canal contains the nerves which supplies feeling to the lower teeth and lips. Improperly placed mini implants may cause permanent damage to the nerves. Third, mini implants typically cannot be placed at the extraction site, if your dentist needs to extract your teeth immediately before placing your implant(s). Finally, the force exerted by daily biting, chewing and teeth grinding may increase failure rate of mini implants and make standard dental implant a better option.

A final word of caution. MedVacation works with dental clinics that employe dental surgeons who have placed thousands of implants. Not all dental offices in Costa Rica employ dental surgeons for placing dental implants. Dentists, who were trained in general dentistry, can attend weekend-long courses held by implant manufacturers to learn how to place mini implants. Some dental professionals do not believe the short training is enough.

Call us today for a free consultation with a dentist to find out, if you are a good candidate for mini implants.

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