Can PGD Cause Birth Defects?

PGD Has No Effect on Fetus Development

If you are wondering whether PGD can cause birth defects, we can assure you that PGD does not affect fetus development at all. Babies born after PGD are just as healthy as those born without the test.

The risk of accidental damage to an embryo during removal of the cells is very low, around half of a percent. If the embryo is damaged, it will simply stop developing and our doctors won't use it for later transfers.

In addition, no part of the future fetus will be lacking anything due to the removal of one or two cells from the embryo. All the cells at this day 3 stage are what's called totipotent. This means that they are “all potential”. Essentially, these cells have not differentiated yet and can form any part of the future fetus. The removed cells are subsequently replaced by the embryo. The PDG procedure causes a delay in the continued cell division for a few hours. Eventually, the embryo reaches the same number of cells as before and continues its normal development.

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