IVF for Older Women

Older Women Becoming Mothers With IVF with Donor Egg

Recent figures from the UK's Office for National Statistics have revealed the use of IVF and donor eggs have led to a more than 50 percent increase in women in their fifties giving birth in the UK.

In 2009, more than 100 UK women aged 50-plus gave birth — a 55 percent increase from 2008. Since 2006 the London Bridge Centre — a fertility clinic specialising in IVF treatment — in conjunction with its partner clinic in Kiev has treated 30 women aged over 50.

Each of these women was impregnated with an egg donated by a Ukrainian egg donor, and 15 have given birth while one has a baby on the way. The clinic is also treating three women in their fifties who have donor eggs from the US, two of whom are pregnant. The Bridge only provides IVF for women in their fifties if they have a donor egg from overseas.

Nearly a quarter of women in Australia are not having their first child until they are over the age of 35, and can have increased risk of high blood pressure and developing gestational diabetes.

"More women are now coming forward for treatment in their late forties and early fifties due to the increase in general fitness," said Simon Thornton, the group medical director of the UK's Care Fertility chain of clinics. "Many women do look after themselves extremely well. Fifty now is not what 50 was."

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