PGD for Gender Selection

PGD Testing for Gender Selection

If you are considering PGD for gender selection purposes, you may be asking yourself a question about how accurate those tests are.

sex_selection_pgd_2As a rule, PGD test is very good at accurately identifying the sex of the future baby. Nevertheless, sex selection using PGD test has a very small margin of error. Interestingly, the error may be caused by the embryo itself rather than by the embryologist reading the test or by the test.

To test the embryo for sex, or any other genetic abnormalities, the embryologist takes one cell from the growing embryo. This cell extracted for analysis may carry wrong information about the sex of the baby. This is a rare occurrence! Nevertheless, it does happen. Apropos, this does not necessarily mean that the embryo is of poor quality. Theoretically, this cell could have been discarded and thus not used in the creation of the blastocyst. Therefore, there is always a small chance for an error, but those errors are quite rare.

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