PGD vs CCS for IVF Patients Over 40

Genetic Testing for Advanced Maternal Age Patients

After our IVF clinics began offering Comprehensive Chromosome Screening, we have received quite a few questions pertaining to this new IVF technology. With availability of CCS and PGD to you, you have a few options. Each option has its unique advantages. Here is some information from IVF doctors to guide you through the process, as you weigh various options.

failed-ivf-cycles-miscarriagesIs there any advantage as far as success rates go in having the PGD over just doing IVF without PGD?
Absolutely! If you are over the age of 40, our IVF doctors would definitely recommend you have a PGD done with your IVF cycle. Given patient’s advanced maternity age, the most important condition is you must have at least 5 embryos. If there are only 3 embryos, there is no reason to carry out PGD.

All things being equal, what test, PGD or CCS, will give the best shot at success?
Unequivocally, your best shot will be with CCS. If you choose to have CCS, we will analyze all 24 chromosomes, rather than 5 analyzed with PGD.

Would multiple tries with just PGD give the patient better odds than just one chance using CCS?
CCS is definitely more advantageous than PGD. Therefore, all things being equal, we would recommend one IVF cycle with CCS over multiple IVF cycles using PGD. With PGD, however, the patient needs to come to our clinic only one time. With CCS, you will have to travel to our clinic twice (the first time during the egg retrieval and the second time for your embryo transfer a month later).

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