Porcelain Versus Acrylic Denture Teeth

Advantages of Porcelain Teeth Dental Implants Dentures

Patients who are considering dental implants dentures should be aware of several types of materials available to them for their denture teeth. The traditional dentures have been made out of acrylic. The porcelain fixed bridge is an alternative to the acrylic denture. Porcelain teeth dentures are more expensive than dentures made entirely out of acrylic. However, esthetically, the porcelain teeth denture looks more natural (see the image below). More importantly, it is also more comfortable than the acrylic option.

porcelain_teeth_dentureThe porcelain teeth denture is more expensive than the acrylic option. First, the porcelain teeth denture cost more, because it requires a larger number of implants. Another reason for higher cost is the material used in and higher number of hours required for fabrication of this type of denture. While our acrylic denture packages start at $10,999, MedVacation’s all inclusive denture packages for porcelain teeth denture are priced at around $14,599. Our dental implants denture packages offer approximately 50% cost savings over comparable porcelain teeth dentures offered in the U.S.

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