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Several Purdue Alumni Were Mentioned in Connection With MedVacation

A Healthy Future

by Mackenzie Greenwell
Krannert Magazine - Fall 2010

Medical tourism may not be a familiar term to many, but it’s an industry that Taras Kuzin (MBA ’05) believes is poised for growth.

After losing a tooth in a Costa Rican surfing accident, Kuzin, of Russia, found that health care can be less expensive and just as reliable overseas as it is in the United States. Through his health tourism startup company, MedVacation, Kuzin hopes other will benefit from his findings.

“As I shared my story and the idea for a medical tourism company with friends, surprisingly, many shared their own stories about how they used medical facilities in other counties because of cost considerations, “ he says. “All these talks cemented my plans to move forward with the medical tourism business.”

With assistance from former Krannert classmates Maria Sears-Zagrodzka and Will Randow, Kuzin developed his business keeping in mind the lessons he learned in strategy and finance courses.

“I looked at our 70-page business plan and before I got to the middle of it, I counted over a dozen frameworks and tools that I had learned at Krannert,” he says. “However, being groomed as a strategic and broad business-thinker is perhaps the most important aspect of my Krannert education.”

MedVacation offers dental implant procedures, in vitro fertilization treatments, inpatient addiction treatments, and plastic surgery procedures, among others. Medical partners are hand-selected, and all services are insured and include travel.

Although the company and concept are new, Kuzin is confident that his small startup will help break the perception of inferior medical care outside the United States and provide customers with low-cost, high-quality treatment.

“From my work in Fortune 100 companies, I know that it typically takes two to three years to develop a product, launch it and start developing a profitable client base,” Kuzin says. “We’ve already heard a lot of positive feedback.”

For more information about MedVacation, visit www.themedvacation.com.

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