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Surrogacy Cost Using Own Carrier

You may have a loving family member such as your sister or a cousin who is willing to be the surrogate mother for your child. Having a family member or somebody you know act as a surrogate has many advantages over traditional surrogacy and will help you save a great deal.

For couples who are considering gestational surrogacy with known surrogate mothers, MedVacation is offering an all inclusive Surrogate Package with IVF starting at $9,999. This package for three individuals includes:

  • All doctor fees associated with services of reproductive endocrinologist, embryologist, and urologist
  • Medication for luteal phase support for the recipient
  • Transvaginal egg retrieval
  • Sperm processing
  • In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer
  • Hotel accommodations (two rooms) for up to seven days
  • Visa arrangements and fees
  • Round trip airfare for three from the major airport closest to the patient’s place of residence
  • Ground transportation in the destination country to and from the hotel and medical facility throughout the stay

We guarantee that our clients will receive the same high quality In Vitro Fertilization treatment as those available in the U.S. Our partner clinic follows the standards of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and is accredited by the American College of American Pathologists’ Reproductive Laboratory Accreditation program.

Legal Documents Required for Surrogate Mother Program
In order to qualify for the surrogate mother program, the couple shall present the following documents. You must provide us with the executed contract between you and the surrogate mother. You must present our clinic the original agreement, before our doctors commence your fertility treatments. Furthermore, the couple must submit copies of their passports, a copy of the marriage certificate, and a medical note from a doctor. The note shall state that the wife is unable to become pregnant or has a medical condition that makes pregnancy or child delivery dangerous to her health.

Requirements for Surrogate Mother
The future surrogate mother must provide us with the results for the following tests:

  • HIV
  • Syphilis,
  • Hepatitis B,
  • Hepatitis C, and
  • Embryo/egg/sperm analysis before it was frozen (in case you intend to use frozen eggs and/or sperm)

Moreover, in the event you use frozen eggs or sperm, you will have to provide us with the description of the method used to freeze embryos, sperm, or eggs.

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