Extracting Teeth Prior To Putting Dental Implants In

Extracting Teeth & Waiting Before Putting Dental Implants In

We were recently asked whether it would be OK for a patient to extract teeth here in the US prior to her trip to our dental clinic in Costa Rica. That is, the patient wanted to extract her teeth, wait a few days, and then travel to our dental clinic later to put implants in. Our doctors do not recommend this type of arrangements.

It is not recommended to have teeth extracted and then wait a few days to put implants in. Typically, after an extraction, one must wait around 3 months before putting implants in. The patient may also experience some bone loss there, if the implant is not put in right away. Therefore, we either extract the teeth in our clinic, or the patient has to wait a few months in the States, if he or she does extractions here.

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