Treating Male Infertility with IMSI (Super ICSI)

IMSI or Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection is a relatively new technique used by our fertility doctors to treat male infertility. IMSI is recommended for patients who had two or more unsuccessful ICSI attempts and for males with abnormally shaped sperm. Using this new technology enables couples to achieve higher rates of implantation and in certain cases to decrease chances of miscarriages.

IMSI_For_Male_InfertilityTraditional ICSI uses microscopes with electronic magnification of 200-400 times to select sperm. Under this magnification, embryologists are able only roughly assess the morphology of the sperm and cannot always detect chromatin compaction defects, which appear as holes inside the nucleus of the sperm. Large holes inside the sperm head (called vacuoles) are known to have a detrimental effect on normal embryonic development and IVF pregnancy outcome. IMSI, Super ICSI, enables magnification of 6600 times larger. Such great magnification allows our fertility specialists select sperm without defects or with fewer vacuoles. Numerous IVF studies found a positive correlation between the fertilization rate and the proportion of the sperm with a normal (oval) head shape, and the sperm exhibiting acrosomal vacuoles.

Our fertility clinics offer IMSI. IMSI is performed in combination with ICSI. The fee for adding IMSI to your IVF treatments is $550.

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